What I’ve Learned

Up to now, this student of A Course in Miracles known as Marshall McComb has learned:

Everything is Love

An unbounded, joyful certainty comprises the core of our being.

This Goodness encompasses all that we are and all that we see in full and complete wholeness and unity. This deep and profound Truth cannot be described in words nor understood by our reasoning. It lies well beyond the realm of nouns and verbs, subject and object. But, amazingly, it is the sum total of our reality. The gentle, luminous majesty and glory of Love shines continuously in pristine silence within us and within all worldly phenomena. (Here is a photo.)

What is Everything leaves room for nothing else. All is One, and All is well. God is Love, and we are That. Reality is all God, all the time. Glory be. Amen.


You may well ask how the above can be true, when the “normal” world we think we see, touch, hear, smell and taste appears infinitely diverse and mostly far from glorious? The answer stems from the remarkable fact that God actually could not and did not create the phenomenal world, but He did create us in His own image and likeness (Genesis 1:26), and that God is Love (1John 4:16). Since God is Love, then so are we. Love extends Itself in us and through us. We are the spirit of Love. This is Good News, indeed!

And God’s creative spirit is our inheritance, as well. But herein lies the rub, for we have misused our creative abilities. Millions of years ago (as time is measured) we imagined ourselves to be separate from God, and we took that thought seriously, instead of laughing it away. We felt guilt of extreme disservice, and we felt fear of God’s retaliation. And out of that has come the “normal” world, a world in which separation rules, and God can enter not. We have justified and projected the thoughts of guilt and fear, making up an insane  world where nothing is joined, except in the most superficial and transitory way.

By mentally turning our backs on God, the world we made became a place of harsh judgment and condemnation, of attack and counterattack; a place where no one is safe, there’s not enough to go around, nothing is permanent, and everything dies or dissolves in the end.

This cold, cruel, Godless world is not real, but we think it is. It is the maya, the illusion, described in ancient Hindu texts. It’s a dream.

In truth, the world  is actually a place of which God knows nothing. He did not create it. We made it with our powerful, creative minds to demonstrate our separateness from Him. (A few remarks on some relevant theological considerations may be found here.) But we don’t really live in separation from God. We are still one with Him and with His Spirit. Reality is infinite Oneness, not separation and conflict. As such, reality lies silently beyond and underneath our everyday thoughts and limited words. (Even the idea that “Everything is Love” is limited, because it still includes the concept of “things.”)

In truth, as spirit, we live in a state of limitless, eternal perfection. And, just as we shared the thought of separation through an unreal, ego-based mind, so can we jointly choose to call forth our real mind, and unreservedly and wholeheartedly accept and honor the dynamic, gentle, deep peace and heartwarming joy that is our true Self as God created us.

Self identification as eternal, unchanging, all-encompassing Love need not be a mere statement of belief. It can be a deep, uplifting, totally comforting understanding and state of being. It is a gentle, joyous, direct knowing, available to all who are willing to release all little ego thoughts, to be still, and to accept freedom here and now.

This joyful knowing can, and ultimately must, be shared with all the world. And this sharing is effortless, because all minds are already joined in Love.

The words that follow may appear to amplify the idea of all inclusive, infinitely gentle, unlimited knowing and being… but it is impossible to amplify the Everything That lies beyond words. These words can merely point to Eternal Truth — the Eternal Truth that asks to be fully known in deepest silence as we let our minds be changed in quiet and in grace.

Are there any questions?

Perhaps you have a heavy heart or some anxiety. Perhaps the statement “Everything is Love” seems meaningless or objectionable. Perhaps it seems too all-inclusive, or doesn’t match a world where heartbreak, disaster and loss, scarcity, competition, betrayal, and pain and death appear compellingly and undeniably real (unless we choose to deny them).
Well, you are indeed correct. The statement that “Everything is Love” does not describe or fit the world we see with the body’s eyes and interpret with our little, private thoughts.

Instead, it points to a different way of seeing — of beholding everything with a joyful heart. The statement “Everything is Love” actually overlooks the surface of the perceived world and points to the deeper, eternal Truth. Underneath and beyond the world we see, in a place of infinitely deep and holy goodness and peace, there is no scarcity, no contradiction, no opposite, and no conflict. This is the universal, eternal Truth of Love.

This fundamental statement brings with it four corollaries:  I am Love.  You are Love.  We are joined in Love; Love is our Self…  and, since God is Love, we are joined as one in God. God has created us in Her/His/Its image! Our essence is vast, powerful, unified, boundless and timeless… most holy, most joyful, and most generous — extending without limit. We live and move in It. We are One. There is nothing outside us. The Kingdom of Heaven is where we are and What we are and What God is. And this means that there actually is no possible justification, no space whatsoever, for doubt or judgment or fear of any kind. And this Goodness is What we always are and just What we all richly deserve.

There… It’s been declared openly for all to see and hear. The cat’s out of the bag. Enduring eternal Truth has been accepted, admitted and proclaimed. Reality shines with purity and innocence in this silent present moment, this holy instant:

“In the holy instant,
in which you see yourself as bright with freedom,
you will remember God.”

This way of seeing — this radical, unworldly perception that Love is our true Identity — is not far-out or new. It is the perennial universal teaching, being restated once again in this particular form. It answers an eternal Call to experience our true nature. There is nothing outside of Heaven, and Heaven calls us to place our full attention on our real Home and our real Identity, here and now.